"This is Where The Healing BEGINS"

Knowing I can receive healing with other followers of the Messiah is amazing. I have never heard of a church to do something on similar lines. Nor have I ever seen people that care so much.    -Marah

The healing I received through this ministry was amazing. However    going into this I never knew that finding healing from my childhood abuse would have so many positive affects in so many other aspects of my life as well.        -Ethan

 VSC has been a life saver for me. I don’t feel alone anymore. I have other people that can relate to what I have gone through. I am learning how to break the cycle that I was taught at an early age. I like myself now and know that I am a loved child of God.  -Amy

​Almost my whole life I was told how to  interact, look, think, work, use seduction, be a wife, who I was supposed to be, how I wasn't smart enough and be deceitful to survive. The cost of living this way almost cost me my soul, my life, my dreams and my love. Living clean, believing, being   relentlessly faithful to Jesus, honorable,  respectable use to be strangely foreign to me due to my past. While at Rock the    Desert 2015, I find out I am really not alone. Through VSC I've learned I can be myself there without being judged, ridiculed, blamed or hurt. I’ve realized my life has been full of unconditional love since that predetermined wondrous day of my salvation. Love is God. Love does not keep a record of wrongs. God loves me enough to not leave me alone.  Jesus and I have taken one step at a time together since my salvation. I finally get to truly start healing. I'm not who I was. I am now who    Jesus destined me to be. I never knew I wished I would become who I am today. I can now use my past to work for my future optimistically. Thanks to VSC’s help, I am learning how to live with knowing how to truly forgive in my heart. If you give yourself a fighting chance like I have through VSC you too can begin to heal.  

VSC has helped me find healing that I never thought I would find. I felt    beyond hope, beyond being helped, and like it was too late for me to find healing. Through VSC, I found healing from my abuse and I was able to     release my anger, unforgiveness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, depression, and bitterness. I found freedom through God using VSC  in my life. I can now share my testimony, and help others find their healing and freedom through Christ working in the VSC Ministry.   -Whitney